Covid-19 Helpful Links and Resources:

  • Unite against COVID – mental wellbeing section. NZ Govt site which has all kinds of other information too


  • Getting Through Together – Some great resources in here – a joint effort by All Right and the Mental Health Foundation, funded by the MoH


  • Melon Health – online resources for maintaining wellbeing during lockdown, especially for people feeling anxious or lonely. Also do 10am webinars daily. This is funded by the MoH.


  • Mentemia - mental wellbeing coaching for Kiwis through COVID-19: MoH funded


  • Staying on Track – CBT-based wellbeing support – online course + resources. MoH funded






  • Face COVID  Russ Harris video – good overview for anyone about how they might be responding/feeling, and some things to try + a guide to download.


  • CALM (Computer Assisted Learning for the Mind) – support for meditation and sleep…


  • Skylight – has a number of resources, including one related to grief and loss for people who have lost jobs